Saturday, 25 February 2012

Yugo,Baltistan Dam


The total cost of these projects will be $2.467 billion with a construction period of five years. The feasibility study of Bhasa Dam site will also be initiated during the phase-1.

Under the phase-11, Hingol Dam (Balochistan) and Satpara Dams (Northern Areas), Chashma Right Bank canal and Khurram Tangi Dam (NWFP), phase-11 of the Greater Thal canal Akhori and Sanjwal Dams (Punjab), Phase-11 of Thar/Rainee canals, Gajnai and Sehwan barrage (Sindh) will be completed in 3-6 years except Basha Dam which will take 8-10 years for its completion. The total cost of phase-11 projects will be $8.94 billion.

These 11 projects will have a storage capacity of 12.79 maf and would generate over 3362 mw power and irrigate 1.4 million hectares of land. Under the phase-111, Yugo Dam and Skardu Dams, Dhok and Rohtas, Naulang Dam and Khadji Dam will be completed.

These projects will store 35.8 maf and bring an additional area of 17,276 hectares under cultivation while the rest of irrigation supplies from these projects will go to the existing irrigation system of the Indus Basin.

Wapda has also undertaken feasibility studies of several other dams. Nevertheless, small dams as proposed in vision 2025 programme have their utility at the local level as they have limited storage capacity with relatively smaller life span due to their silting up.
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